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Restaurant Review
Maggiano's Little Italy

Maggiano's Little Italy is on I10 near the Rim and La Cantera. This is an upscale Italian restaurant with locations all over the US. They have been celiac friendly for a number of years, and have been offering gluten-free pasta for three years at their restaurants, so it is great to have a location here in San Antonio. They have a full menu and are open for lunch and dinner.

When you identify yourself as a gluten-free customer a manager will alert the kitchen and a chef will come and talk to you about your choices. There are notations on the menu that indicate the gluten-free choices. This same chef will then follow your order all the way through until it comes to your table. They always have several managers and at least four chefs on duty, so things happen in a timely fashion.

I talked to a manager on duty named Adam, who assured me that everyone in the kitchen is very aware that they need to keep the gluten-free cooking utensils separate from regular ones. There is no chance of your pasta accidentally getting cooked with the other pasta.

All dishes are made from scratch and to order, so this will eliminate any chance for mistakes. Gluten-free desserts include creme brulee or spumoni ice cream. One of our members has this to say. "We went to Maggiano's Little Italy for lunch after church today. That was a great experience. The waiter was so helpful, the manager came by to talk with me, and one of the chefs came out as well to make suggestions and talk about my order. The gluten-free pasta with a meat sauce my son had was wonderful, very tasty. They have lots of selections to choose from and can pretty much adapt a good many things to be gluten free. I ended up ordering the chicken Francese and it was delicious."

This review was written by Anne Barfield in February, 2009 and updated in September, 2010.