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In 2005 we opened Chicken Paradise Bed and Breakfast. For the last 10 years we have met thousands of people from all over the world. Our goal was to provide a place for celiacs and others with dietary restrictions to feel safe. A place to enjoy a great breakfast and not have to keep asking if something is gluten free or not. We were surprised to find that about half the people booking reservations with us had no restrictions at all. They just wanted to stay here and enjoy our private gardens, pool, treehouse, and to watch the chickens go about their daily routine.

Although we are no longer a Bed and Breakfast, we decided to keep this website active for now, to serve as a place where you can read about trusted restaurants, and to encourage others to cater to those following restricted diets. Our Facebook page remains active too. The flowers still bloom and the chickens and peacocks are still entertaining us.

House Picture "The gate swings open and you are instantly transported to a serene place looking as if it belongs in a travel brochure. The scene, so unexpected, takes your breath away. Could it be that mere moments ago you were in the thick of traffic? The peaceful haven on Jackson Keller is the homestead and garden of Anne and Joe Barfield."
            Cheryl Van Tuyl Jividen, Home and Garden
            for the San Antonio Express News (2002)
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In December, 2009, the San Antonio Express News ran an article about Chicken Paradise just after it opened as a Bed & Breakfast. You can read that article here.

Anne and Joe Barfield have lived on this property since 1980, and have always found it to be a refuge from the nearby city. With Joe's retirement, they had the opportunity to share their oasis with others, and Chicken Paradise was born.

Chicken Paradise was a small, exclusive B&B. There was one suite, and its guests had private run of the property and all that it offers. Those guests also received the undivided attention of their hosts.



It's like you rented a little cottage in the countryside for your holiday. Indeed, this is exactly the kind of trip that Anne and Joe love to take in France or Italy. They make daily trips, visit the local markets, see the sights and then go "home" to their little place in the evening.

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Tiffany Janes, a contributor to the Celiac Disease Community page on, posted a blog entry in 2009 talking about her stay at Chicken Paradise. You can read that blog posting here.

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Chicken Paradise was unique among bed and breakfast accommodations in San Antonio. It offered luxurious accommodations and award-winning cuisine to be sure, but it was the only B&B in San Antonio situated on grounds that have been designated a national and state wildlife habitat.

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We at Chicken Paradise have made it a priority to help preserve our natural resources in an effort to protect our environment. We use very few pesticides here, and those that we use are organic. Over the last 25 years we have learned to keep our garden and grounds healthy organically, and we welcome any discussion on this subject. We grow most of our own herbs and produce in our gardens year round and our hens donate their eggs. Those items we don't grow we buy from local sources whenever possible. These practices have resulted in Chicken Paradise being "Go Texan!" certified, meaning it is committed to using locally-produced food and produce. We hope that while you are here, you will assist us in keeping our environment safe. There are recycle bins and a compost pile for your use.

    "Please explore our Chicken Paradise; we've created     
      this site to tell you who we are and what we are about.
                                                           Anne and Joe Barfield
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